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Curato is now live

Pure Cygnet has been working hard on oure next product release. Curato is a means to translate any paper form into a secure, audited online equivalent.

For all the information, please visit

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The project I'm working on has some dynamic tablular data, and whilst looking around for some options sort and filter the result set, I came across ( - And yet again it goes to show just how great the internet can be, along with showing some true altruism from those using it. This combined with jQuery, both of which are free (yes, FREE!) means you can take your static or dynamic tables, populated by Ajax methods, and instantly filter and sort it as required, fully styled to match your needs.

So thank you, I've happily donated to your excellent project.

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Email Migration to the Cloud and Duplicates

Like the old adage of a plumbers leaking tap never gets fixed, I had been running my own server to host all my email and try to keep all the various devices and access methods in sync, and should have really moved to a cloud based solution far sooner than I had.

So, with a spare day I took the plunge and after weighing up the differences between Office 365 (from Microsoft) and Google Apps, given that I'm still very much an Outlook kinda guy Office 365 just managed to pip Google to the post - and I'm happy to admit, some of Microsoft's products are brilliant, Visual Studio and SQL Server Management being a couple of the jewels for me. That said, I do think the Google Apps offering is probably a better rounded solution, and if you do not use Outlook then I would seriously consider it. Once down to the actual task at and having done many migrations of data, email and systems for corporates, the basic nuts and bolts was pretty easy, and getting a seamless transition of emails flowing the right way was simple.

My problem laid in my archives! With 25GB I thought I'd put a couple of my old archives on there as well, however from some time back one of the PST's had 3 copies of every message, not good.

Searching around for a duplicate remover, I found this: - Not only does it work very well for email messages (checks the email message ID so will only get genuine duplicates), it's free! While the interface does look a little basic, this is a genuine case of function over form, as it has everything you need, and just works. The fact it still works on Outlook 2010 shows what a robust little tool this is.

So, thank you VAitA, for publishing a splendid little addin for us all.


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Magenta Public Relations - Logo Design

The new logo for Magenta Public Relations has been created!



Watch this space for their new website, it'll be coming very soon!  



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